About me 
I am a multidisciplinary designer with an ambitious approach, always aiming for the gold. I am a conceptualist, collaborator and a bright mind. My focus is to transform brands with bold and progressive concepts, killer design and make the journey a playground for both parts a long the way. 

I am a person who ask questions, challenge norms and often combining new worlds to solve projects in new ways.
...If you hate being boring, you’re in good company

+47 99 22 89 60

Elle melle creative agency
Graphic designer & art director
February 2015-
Freelance designer 
Clients such as: Local brewery, HIST (university in Trondheim) & Union of education Norway
August 2010-2015

Nouva Academia Di Belle Arti, Milan
Graphic Design and Art Direction, Bachelor

Norwegian School Of Creative Studies, Trondheim
Graphic Design

Awards and nominations
Visuelt, Oslo
Diploma in Digital Design, Student Work
Nominated for Nordic Creative Talent Award, 2015
Awarded Gold in Young Lions Design Competition, Cannes
Representing Norway, June 2015
Gullspiren, NKH Trondheim
Gold for best student work of the year
June 2012

Nice to virtually meet you! 

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